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What Excellence Looks Like is personal coaching that helps teens, young adults, career professionals, professors and teachers, managers, directors, and organizational leaders get a new mindset for success.


If you want a leading new benchmark and standard for yourself or others, book our coaching now. Group training is also available. To kickstart your growth, Contact us






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What Excellence Looks Like Coaching for Teens is individual coaching that inspires a powerful new mindset in your teenager. This includes experiential learning, building resilience, addressing self-limiting beliefs, and instilling new ideas on leadership, love of learning, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and more. We include approaches from Adlerian Psychology, Service-Network Leadership, and more. To kickstart your growth, Contact us

Improved confidence

Resilience building

Increasing  creativity

Activities may include:

  • Strength – Cycling, orienteering, hiking, martial arts, etc.

  • Resilience – Breaking barriers, dealing with 'no', what is failure, etc.

  • Creativity – Thriving with uncertainty, creative problem solving, etc.

Outcomes may include:

  • Movement Milestones – Distance, conquering fears, agility, etc.

  • Relationship Breakthroughs – Improved communication with others.

  • Creative Problem Solving – Starting an entrepreneurial venture.

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What Excellence Looks Like Coaching for Professionals will inspire a powerful new mindset in yourself as a starting or seasoned professional. Our coaching will give you new ideas and a holistic approach at developing your leadership, strategies for coping with adversity, bringing more FUN into your life and relationships, and how to remove the friction and 'grit' from your life.


Our training supports front-line staff, managers, directors, teachers, professors, and more. Our coaching includes approaches from Adlerian Psychology, Service-Network Leadership, and more. To kickstart your team's growth, Contact us

Improve communication

Stronger trust levels

Better team dynamics

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What Excellence Looks Like Coaching for Leaders really stands apart. Being a leader of a team or network is a unique position that most people can't imagine.


If you've heard of YPO and WPO, we've coached and helped these kinds of leaders – and you benefit from these years of proven experience and rare insights. Our approach is wholly unique and proven, given our 15-year track record. To kickstart your growth, Contact us

Improve your legacy

For greater significance

Reveal new growth areas

To learn about our packages, please Contact us

15 Years in the Making
And based on five decades of global success. 

[We] hope that as your mindset shifts... to service you will appreciate how complex it is. Ran and I aim to help you clear or 'detox' what might corrupt your service leadership potential.

From The 12 Dimensions of a Service Leader
by Po Chung with Ran Elfassy

Based on more than 50 years of experience.png
MOre than 130 Speeches and Clients of Experience

130+ Engagement History
Benefit from our cross-sector experience.

From startups to MNCs, commercial powerhouses to universities and NGOs, our programs were delivered to leading organizations around the world.

True Thought Leadership
Insights for a new mindset.

Thanks to the guidance from legendary business leader Po Chung, we help people upgrade to a Service-Network Leadership mindset. Remember, your mindset is everything!

To start, read The 12 Dimensions of a Service Leader.

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[Service Detox Consulting] offered unique insights on how to improve my team and operations. I highly recommend their training. 

Davide Lentini, Director
Solstice Digital Solutions BV

[Service Detox Consulting] really helped bring clarity to our marketing campaigns. It's amazing how much Service-Network Leadership insights helped us bring our operational challenges down to size.

Doug Woodring, Founder & Managing Director
Ocean Recovery Alliance

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