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Improve Your Service Habitat for Better Performance

First, let's define what we mean.

Service:         When two people connect.

Detox:           Treating negative elements.

Consulting:   Partners for shared success.

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Service Ecosystem:  Respect the rules and laws of your market – or you will lose money.

Service Design: Create effective ways to serve the market – or you will lose money.

Service Habitats:  Detox your culture to raise engagement – or you will lose money.

People: Support your people's holistic needs – or you will lose money.

What We Do


Doing Inventory

Service Habitat Triage:  A checklist your staff completes and data you can review and leverage within a week!


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Triage Analysis:  Using our proven methodology, we deliver an analysis of your company health, where to upgrade, and how to do it.



Training and Coaching:  We have decades of experience and many training modules to choose from. This lets us custom-build a program that's right for you. Click the image to pop it up. 

A Legacy You Can Trust

Our history goes back to December 2005, when  Service Detox Consulting's founder Ran Elfassy began his apprenticeship with legendary business leader Po Chung.

Po is DHL's Chairman Emeritus – Asia Pacific, after having founded, launched, and run the company's industry-leading express courier operations across Asia Pacific. 

DHL has hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide, has been recognized as a Best Employer for years, and is called the "most global of global companies." DHL operates one of the world's most successful service networks, one that literally shaped global trade and exchange. 


DHL's success isn't an accident – it's by design – and Po Chung was a key architect of the company's incredible success. These are some of the key insights that drive what we do at Service Detox Consulting. 

Portrait of Po Chung, Co-founder of DHL International

Po Chung 
Co-founder, DHL International


Learn More

Po Chung speaking on his book Designed to Win What Every Business Needs to know to go Trult Global on DHL at 50 years
Book cover of DHL From Startup to Global Upstart by Po Chung and Roger Bowie
Five books from the Service Network Leadership text book series
Front cover image of the book The 12 Dimensions of a Service Leader by Po Chung and Ran Elfassy
Back cover image of the book The 12 Dimensions of a Service Leader by Po Chung and Ran Elfassy

Contact US

Ran Elfassy

Director, Service Detox Consulting


Hong Kong:       +852 9355 7669
Canada:             +1 778 848 3672

           +1 778 848 3672


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