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Outside the Box Coaching!

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Outside the Box      

One-to-one personal coaching for teens, young adults, and above. Learn new ways to be more creative – and improve your English communication skills!

Creative Problem-Solving 

Learn new ways to define and deconstruct problems, and then design new solutions. Crucial for entrepreneurship, planning for the future, and even improving interpersonal relationships!

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Creative Writing

Improve writing and approaches for telling a great story. Includes non-fiction, fiction, blogs, short stories, novels, articles, and anything else. 

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Critical & Independent Thinking

Learn models and tools that can help you become a better thinker and system designer!



A Proven

Fun Programs

Coaching for Success

Activities can include:

  • WRITING – Practice Creative Writing for better storytelling and impact.

  • PRESENTING – Learn ways to structure public speaking for success.

  • PROBLEM-SOLVING – Is starting an NGO or business in your future? Learn how to design working programs!

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Improved confidence

Outcomes may include:

  • AWESOME CONTENT – Learn how to create great writing that gets published.

  • A NEW MINDSET – At school or at work, get a new approach and thrive!

  • AWARD-WINNING RESULTS – Get professional help to get smart and lasting rewards.


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