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Service Leadership – For Lawyers

A Professional Development Program Designed for the Legal Industry


Improve Service-Linked Profits

Support Your Staff to Grow 

Get a WINNING Culture

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3. Be amazed by the added-value

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2. Trial the course for free 

 *Subject to availability and scheduling. Coaching in one hour, two-plus-one, or three-hour segments. 

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Learn how to become a world-class service leader who wins clients, motivates colleagues, and creates a GREAT practice!

Get better results thanks to our coaching and consulting.

Coaching is one-to-one in Hong Kong or remotely. Have questions? Be sure to check out our FAQs.

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What type of training programs do you offer for lawyers?

We offer a variety of training programs tailored specifically for lawyers, including how to improve one's service leadership, how to improve your culture of trust, how to leverage communication for better exchange, how to raise value-added services to improve profitability, and more.

Are your training programs accredited?

No. Although our training programs are professional development based on established academic and professional standards of excellence, our training programs are not accredited. We can, however, share where our programs came from and how our training is academically and professionally validated.

Why is it a free trial?

We believe in the power of our training. To start, you will be asked to nominate one of your staff members to take our program. They will be assigned the course videos, readings, exercises and a coaching session. Then, after seeing the impact of our program, we firmly believe you will want to hire us for your staff. When everyone on your team has a shared mindset, that is when the real power and profits will kick in!

How experienced are your trainers and consultants?

Our program is based on more than five decades of experience, and our trainers and consultants have more than two decades of experience working with clients in Hong Kong. We are highly experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in business, training, working in Hong Kong's legal industry, and more. We bring real-world expertise and insights to our training programs.

Can I request a customised training program for my law firm?

Yes, we offer customized training programs to meet the specific needs of your firm. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

How can I enroll in the training program?

Enrolling in our training programs is simple. Simply scroll back up or click here to fill in our Registration Form. Please follow the registration instructions and we will send you the payment information and information on how to access the training and other course materials. 

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