Art Therapy Programs

Technology and great medical breakthroughs are changing healthcare –
how do we make sure medical care stays sensitive to patient needs and becomes more human?  

With more than 17 years of Hong Kong-based experience, we know how important, needed, and unique our programs are for helping patients cope during a stage that will impact them for the rest of their lives.


We help make healthcare centers more personal by better connecting patients to their healthcare settings.

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Irina Pinelli

Art Therapist

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Let's design a relevant and even life-affirming program for your patients and everyone who comes to your center.

We look forward to working with your leadership team, medical staff, administration, and other relevant partners.

Sample Program – Milan, Italy

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Madrepore – the polyp producing the stony coral of the genus Madrepora.

Between 2017 to 2018, our lead Irina helped organize, deliver, and curate the Madrepore program at La Terapeutica Artistica in Ortopedia-Traumatoligia, in Milan, Italy.

Using themes based around coral regeneration and classic mythology, the program helped patients better cope, heal, and grow during their challenging hospital stay. 

The results were inspiring works that future patients have also found uplifting and engaging during their own challenging experiences.

As the project progressed, we documented, drafted, curated, and helped publish an accompanying book that patients, staff, visitors, and the wider community have relied on for ongoing education and guidance.

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Program Outcomes

  • A friendly and enriching experience designed to help patients explore and express themselves. This is the most important outcome.

  • Patient-driven and even liberating sessions where patients could connect with others at a deeper level.

  • Original artwork – not generic arts & crafts reproductions – that patients created and feel proud of. 

  • Upgrading the healthcare facility (a cold environment) with the warmth of human-centered artwork – on walls, common areas, and more. 

  • A published coffee-table/waiting-room book that documents the process, people and results of this specific program.


1. Who is involved in creating these programs?

Offered through the Hong Kong company, Service Detox Consulting, your primary points of contact are Director Ran Elfassy and Art Therapist Irina Pinelli.

2. How long do programs last?

Since each program is unique and fulfills different needs, an engagement can last from three to 12 months.  

3. What are programs like?

The main stages are:

  1. Assessment, goal-setting, scheduling, and resource planning (with medical staff, administration, and related partners).

  2. Patient/staff activities – experiential discovery and therapy with Irina.

  3. Art completion, reflection, exhibition, and review.

  4. Drafting, translation, production, and publishing (ongoing).

  5. Booklet delivery and possible promotion.

4. What is the cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating these programs.* All aspects from time, materials, planning, logistics, and more are carefully assessed. We design and cost programs to ensure everyone is delighted with the process and results. 


*Depending on the program, needs, and outcomes, we can help find financing from independent foundations and/or private donors. 

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