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We help people live and work BETTER.


  • We live at a time when people are highly-trained, highly-skilled professionals. We help people by showing how to adopt a Service-Network Leadership mindset and through 'Service Habitat Audits'. This includes training and coaching, various editorial and other production services, and much more. 

  • We call it therapy because our core promise is to help you find and treat what's less effective or even a weak spot. We have proven ways to improve service habitats, how well your people follow Service Leadership best practices, improve your service-driven profitability, and even find greater alignment when your team is multi-generational and diverse. 

  • The best part is we GUARANTEE better results!
    If you don't get clear improvements – you don't have to pay!

Get an In-House Productivity Coach!

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What’s a Productivity Coach?

  • An experienced, highly-trained professional who helps teams work better: strategic, operation, production, and process reviews.

  • A trustworthy addition you can count on, someone who will help improve your Service Habitat.

  • Engagements are quick, agile and adaptive. You get a cost-conscious resource with clear ROI.

A Very Special Beginning...

Service Detox Consulting's history goes back to December 2005, when Ran Elfassy met Po Chung. First called Sigei Media, the company was founded in 2006 to help complete many large-scale training programs. Mr. Chung is a true business legend who helped design DHL's industry-leading global service network. 

Together and with others, their mission is to help people shift from the dominant industrial manufacturing mindset to that of Service-Network Leadership. This is the path to live and work better in the 21st Century. In 2017, the company was renamed Service Detox Consulting.

Although based in Hong Kong, projects have reached across Asia Pacific, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

Po Chung 
Co-founder, DHL International
Chairman, The Hong Kong Institute of
Service Leadership & Management

For raw, unscripted and revealing insights from Service-Network Leadership, visit and listen in to the podcast, Shooting it RAW

A selection of books from the Service Leadership library: 

Book a Free Strategy Session!

  • Helping companies start by meeting, testing the waters, and seeing how the chemistry of character and expertise align.

  • Our promise to you is to help you quickly understand what we can do to help you move forward. Starting with our first meeting, you will get tools to help you make better decisions.  

  • We will find new ways you can improve and grow – guaranteed. 

Selected Service Areas

  • From individual coaching to full workshops with your key stakeholders.

  • Our 4,8 and 12 week programs help people of all ages grow and move on.

  • Book us now for a free one-hour strategy session!

  • Book us now for a free one-hour strategy session!

  • From books to reports, social media campaigns, and anything else.

  • Graphic design for print and inline, and all kinds of photography.

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