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It's Therapy, For Your Business

We help people solve their business challenges by improving their team's Service-Network Leadership mindset and abilities. In other words, we help companies improve service-linked profitability by improving company culture. 

The reason we use words like Detox and Therapy is that when people work together, the network they form has a health that that can be improved or harmed. We help find what needs treatment and help teams work better than ever.

This is a proven, powerful approach for raising staff engagement and motivation, improving client loyalty, and reaching higher profitability. 

A Very Special Beginning...

Service Detox Consulting goes back to December 2005, when Ran Elfassy first met Po Chung. Originally called Sigei Media, the company Ran founded in 2006 to help the business legend was then rebranded as Service Detox Consulting in 2017.


Over the years, Ran has helped Mr. Chung develop programs in Entrepreneurship, for the Hong Kong General Education Initiative, the Good Life Initiative, Service Leadership Education, and many others. 


Although based in Hong Kong, projects have been delivered across Asia Pacific, North America, the United Kingdom, and beyond.  

Po Chung 
Co-founder, DHL International
Chairman, The Hong Kong Institute of
Service Leadership & Management

A selection of books from the Service Leadership library. 

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