We can help you solve your team's business challenges by improving your mindset and Service-Network Leadership abilities. 







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This is the foundation of our consulting and training. We help apply the best mindset for success in today's high-value, service-driven organizations.

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Ran Elfassy

Service Detox Consulting


One approach to creating a shift in team mindset is to get everyone on board to do the online-course.

Then, you can engage with Ran for the deeper, more specific applications.


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Designed for the 21st Century:

Each module has a short video and exercises to help drive your transformation.

Video clips are uploaded to as private YouTube clips, and are from 5 to 15 minutes in length.

Then, short exercises are designed to help you grow as a strong Service-Network Leader.

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Next course cycle:

Onging programs with roll-out to clients worldwide.


Although you complete the course at your pace and convenience, we can also deploy to companies in order to deliver bespoke training services. 

The greatest value comes from exchange between all program participants.


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A powerful way to enhance your leadership and get amazing results across your life!

doing work together

Great Service-Network Leadership is a process of continuous learning.  


Take this course and learn powerful insights from Service-Network Leadership.

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We can help your team do so much better.

  1. We help people adopt a Service-Network Leadership mindset. 
    We do this through group training, individual coaching, strategic communication review and production, Service Habitat Audits, and much more.
    THE RESULT:  Your team is aligned and focused on strategic goals.


  2. Our practical business 'therapy' finds and treats weak spots.
    Toxic leadership, toxic teams, toxic environment... This can harm any company and team at any time. We show how to clear negative elements and increase service-driven profitability.  
    THE RESULT:  We help you find and fix what's hiding in plain sight.


  3. Our engagement cycle is agile and responsive. 

    In order to keep costs low and returns high, the engagement cycle is matched to your results. We set what success looks like so you get your ROI with no surprises. 
    THE RESULT:  You get a high-value investment that pays itself off.  

Our process:

STEP 1:   
A FREE one-week review with key team members to get an actual sense of where the company is headed. 


Sometimes, there's a gap between what managers and leaders think is happening and what is actually happening on the ground. This is a process of discovering what comes up and what may be hidden in a blind spot.




A report with flagged areas for consideration. This alone can reveal powerful areas for improvement.

STEP 2:   
A two-week initial session for new ideas/programs that seed a new mindset in the team. 


Depending on what we found, we design a  practical program that is actionable. The goals and changes are clearly defined so that all actions clearly link to tangible improvements (in sales, engagement, etc.)


Clear improvements on KPIs the team set, with ongoing review in case adapting is needed.

STEP 3:   
A series of monthly programs and campaigns that grow a Service-Network Leadership mindset. 


Building success from week to week and month to month, activities are stacked and keep leading to real improvements. Within a few months, everyone will feel and appreciate the positive change.



A shift toward greater Service-Network Leadership, sustained performance, and higher engagement.

Our services:

A Unique History of Global Scope

Our history goes back to December 2005, when Service Detox Consulting's founder Ran Elfassy met Po Chung. The company was soon registered and our main goal was to help Mr. Chung complete various large-scale programs. In 2017, the company that was then called Sigei Media was renamed Service Detox Consulting.


Po Chung is a business legend who helped launch, design and operate DHL's industry-leading express courier. DHL, the company called "the most global of global companies" has run the world's largest service network for decades and has maintained its leading spot as an employer of choice.

This success isn't an accident. It's by design

Po Chung.jpg

Po Chung 
Co-founder, DHL International

Our mission is to help people work better – together. 


This means shifting from the industrial manufacturing mindset of the 20th Century to the more competitive Service-Network Leadership mindset of the 21st Century.

Although based in Hong Kong, we help clients across Asia Pacific, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

A selection of books from the Service Leadership library: 

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For unscripted, raw insights from Service-Network Leadership, listen to our podcast with host, Ran Elfassy: