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What Excellence Looks Like

Improve how you joyfully inspire others, starting with your service leadership. Because happier people work better – together!

Lead Coach and Consultant
Ran Elfassy

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Benefit from our unique expertise in Service-Network Leadership – programs 50+ years in the making that support our What Excellence Looks Like approach. When you know what excellence looks like, you then have something concrete to aim for.


We offer services in: 

  • Communication consulting

  • Marketing advisory

  • Social media content strategy

  • Content creation, ghostwriting, and more

  • Running a "Service-Leadership Detox"

  • Raising engagement​

  • Improving productivity

  • Raising service-linked profitability

  • Creating a great Service Habitat

  • Growing a strong corporate culture

  • Team and manager building

  • Service Leadership seminars and coaching


In 2006, Service Detox Consulting's founder Ran Elfassy met Po Chung, the legendary co-founder of DHL International. Chung was a key architect of DHL's winning culture and Service Habitat, and much of our programs reflect the insights and mindset that set DHL as a global service leader.

What Excellence Looks Like: 

You'll get a proven model and methods to build and thrive in a toxic-free Service Habitat. This means you'll inspire the greatest engagement from your motivated colleagues and clients – so you all feel more connected, productive, and even happier!

  • Personal coaching – live joyfully with PURPOSE.

  • Team building – fully engage and BELONG

  • Communications – keep your team MOTIVATED.

  • Corporate culture – toxic-free SERVICE HABITATS.

To start your growth, complete our free Service Habitat Triage Diagnostic:

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To complete the Diagnostic, click here

To learn more and set up a call, contact us

What Excellence Looks Like: 

Our programs were 15 years in the making and based on 50+ years of DHL's and other major companies' industry-leading experience. That means you get exposure to broad industry insights that can reveal new opportunities to build sales, team engagement, and operational performance. 

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What Excellence Looks Like is a coaching program that helps people develop a new mindset for success.


To learn more, click here 

Our programs will inspire your team and your organization to improve your service-linked profits. 


To learn more, click here 

To book a free session, contact us: here

Get Our Book!

Our programs are influenced by the work Ran Elfassy completed with Po Chung, showcased in their book,
The 12 Dimensions of a Service Leader.

What You Will Get:


Learn how to be a leader people trust.

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Become more hirable and promotable.


A model with a 50-year track record.


A holistic program for your whole life.


A mindset that can change your life.

About Service Detox Consulting

Based in Hong Kong, the company was founded in 2006 when Po Chung made Ran Elfassy an offer he couldn't refuse. This resulted in many of the insights that support our work. We offer Professional Training, Personal Coaching, Leadership Consulting, Strategic Communications, Content Marketing, Ghostwriting, and much more. We have served business leaders, Fortune-500 companies, SMEs, Startups, NGOs, and many others. 

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[Service Detox Consulting] offered unique insights on how to improve my team and operations. I highly recommend their training. 

Davide Lentini, Director
Solstice Digital Solutions BV

[Service Detox Consulting] really helped bring clarity to our marketing campaigns. It's amazing how much Service-Network Leadership insights helped us bring our operational challenges down to size.

Doug Woodring, Founder & Managing Director
Ocean Recovery Alliance

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